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Marandale is a business consulting and investment company based in ASEAN that carries out projects across the region. We provide insights into various markets in the region and make investments in a diversified range of business. Our team includes experts in the industrial sector, with substantial knowledge of the ASEAN working culture and good relations with influential figures.

Corporate Profile


To be a leading partner in a range of diversified industries within the ASEAN region.


  1. Attract and guide both foreign and local investors to invest in key industries within South-East Asia.
  2. Maintain a family-like relationship with our driven pool of human resources and our clients and partners.
  3. Promote sustainable practices to preserve the community and the environment in which we operate.


1. Diversity
2. Unity
3. Integrity
4. Tenacity
5. Sustainability

ASEAN Market

Amidst talk of global recession, ASEAN is one of the few markets proving the recession to be not so global after all. With recent year on year growth averaging at over 6 percent, ASEAN continuously finds itself to not only be a nation of rich natural resources, but also a flourishing regional market.

With promising international ratings for investment, interests from foreign and regional investors are on a steady rise. Stable political and economic conditions have aided access to the lucrative market, whilst Marandale consults for and invests in potential investment opportunities throughout the archipelago.