Marandale Asia started as a business consulting company based in Indonesia, focusing on the cement, construction and mining industries in Asia Pacific. We have decades of combined experience in the Indonesian market, a multicultural team with diverse business backgrounds, partnering with clients for both new market entry and business development projects. We have since also used our business expertise and networks to join a diversified range of businesses in the region.

Members of our team have a wealth of experience within the cement and construction industries in Europe, Africa and Asia. We have over 40 years of experience in the business and are internationally recognized. Our members have also held CEO and other board level and advisory positions for leading companies within the region.

Corporate Values

To be a leading partner in a range of diversified industries within Indonesia and ASEAN

  1. Attract and guide both foreign and local investors to invest in key industries within Indonesia and South-East Asia.
  2. Maintain a family-like relationship with our driven pool of human resources and our clients and partners.
  3. Promote sustainable practices to preserve the community and the environment in which we operate
  • Diversity
  • Unity
  • Integrity
  • Tenacity
  • Sustainability